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We will soon (hopefully!) translate the main pages of our website in English. Until then, please follow the external links in this provisional page to find information about Moggiona.

Moggiona is a village in the Arezzo province of Tuscany, in Italy. It is located in the Casentino valley (where the river Arno of Florence has its origin) between the medieval town of Poppi and the monastery of Camaldoli. This part of the Apennines range is within the boundaries of the National Park of Foreste Casentinesi. Moggiona itself is inside the National Park. General information about Moggiona can be found here. On this other page you can find details on how to reach the village.

Moggiona has a long history, with written documents dating back to the tenth century A.D. . An outline of the history of the village can be found here.

Church of Moggiona
The Church of Moggiona and its belltower

These are the web pages of the Pro Loco Moggiona, a local association for the promotion of cultural, artistic and sport activities in the village of Moggiona. The Pro Loco organises many events in Moggiona. Among the more important is the Festa del Fungo Porcino (Boletus Mushrooms Festival). Starting back in 1982, the festival takes place every year on August the 14th, 15th and 16th. During these days many local dishes based on mushrooms can be tasted.  A very nice description in English of the festival can be found here.

All the links in this page direct to the web site of Casa Teresina, a rentable house in Moggiona. Besides details on renting the house, you can find on that site several information in English about Moggiona and the surrounds.

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